Echo Sound Works has put together an incredible collection of free wavetables from Serum, Ableton Wavetable, ANA2, and more.
Free Wavetables For Serum Ableton ANA2 Echo Sound Works

About This Pack

If you’re looking for a free wavetable pack that has everything, this free download from ESW is exactly what you need.
These wavetables work for every genre and style of music production and are organized for maximum ease of use. And because you get these wavetables in WAV format you can use them in your favorite wavetable synths. That means you can import them into Serum, Vital, ANA2, Ableton’s Wavetable Synth, and more.
Inside you’ll find 400 wavetables spread across 11 different categories.

Here are all the categories of free wavetables included:

  • Analog Wavetables – These wavetables were taken from classic synths like the Moog, Juno, Prophet, ARP, and more.
  • FM Wavetables – These wavetables are huge and in your face. Perfect for designing basses, leads, and other metallic sounds.
  • Spectral Wavetables – Spectral wavetables are unique sound tables that can be used in a lot of genres. They are often used in Trap and Dubstep but can be useful for designing sounds in any genre.
  • Basic Wavetables – These basic wavetables cover every basic synthesis waveform and more. If you use basic shapes but want to add a bit of flair to your sound design, you’re going to love these.
  • Growl Wavetables – These wavetables were designed from the ground up to be the perfect starting place for Dubstep growls and other aggressive basses.
  • Synth One-Shot Wavetables – ESW sampled a bunch of synth one-shots and turned them into playable wavetables.
  • Chill Wavetables – These wavetables are perfect for chill pads, drones, and any other relaxed sound.
  • Instrument Wavetables ESW sampled these wavetables from real instruments and turned them into great sounding wavetables.
  • Vocal Wavetables – Tons of wavetables inspired by all things the human voice that are perfect for vocal leads and pads.
Core’s diverse selection of wavetables will breathe new life into your sound design. Even if you’re not a sound designer, you can use these wavetables to spice up any preset!
Click the button below to download this free wavetable pack from ESW today.

Looking For More Free Wavetables? Be sure to grab ESW’s Free Wavetables For Serum and Producer Hive’s Free Synthwave Wavetable Pack. Both of these packs will expand your wavetable collection even more and give you endless sound design options.

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