Free Thunder And Rain Samples | Thunder Sound Sample by 99Sounds

This free sample pack from 99Sounds contains a ton of free thunder sound samples that are perfect for film, cinema, or music production.
Thunder sound sample - Free rain and thunder sample pack

About This Pack

If you want high-quality free thunder sound samples, rain and thunder samples, or lightning samples, check this out. This free sample pack contains 64 crazy field recordings that capture the full power of this natural phenomenon.

Inside you’ll find a bunch of different thunder sound effects from deep booms to cars passing through the storm in a city. There’s a ton of range in this pack, which makes it super useful!

Of course, there are also a bunch of thunder sound samples that were recorded up close – which is pretty crazy!

99Sounds took things a step further and made sure almost all of the content can loop perfectly. That means you can connect multiple copies of the same audio file inside your DAW to create infinite rain loops!

Then, once you’ve got a loop going, you can layer on the thunder one-shots and create stormscapes of your own!

Click the button below to download this free thunder and rain sample pack from 99Sounds today.

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