Free Retro Sample Pack | 10+ GB Of Samples For Techno, House, & Lofi

MGF Audio has released a huge sample pack containing over 10 GB of free retro samples including drum hits, synth one-shots, and a ton more!
Free Retro Sample Pack | 10+ GB Of Samples For Techno, House, & Lofi

About This Pack

Get 10 GB of retro samples, wavetables, multisamples, and more in this huge free retro sample pack from MGF Audio. This pack is a compilation of 28 different sample packs, so there are a ton of free sounds to dig into!

Aside from just using the samples as they come, we had a ton of fun resampling these sounds and turning them into our own unique creations. The percussion samples were especially fun to play with, as we were able to turn them into some really crazy bass sounds.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the free sample packs you’re getting in this single download:

As you can see, this retro sample pack contains tons of different samples! All of these sounds work great in genres like house, techno, lofi, vintage, and hip-hop.

However, don’t let those genre suggestions limit your creativity. These samples can be twisted and manipulated to work in almost any genre!

And because these samples work in any DAW or production software, literally anyone can use them! So if you’re using audio software such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Reaper, Bitwig, LMMS, or Garageband, you can use these samples without any additional software.

All of the samples are provided 100% royalty-free so you can use them in your productions without worry. You can just download the pack and start creating!

Click the button below to download this free retro sample pack from MGF Audio today. Also, be sure to consider donating when you grab the pack!

The pack is technically pay-what-you-want, so if you appreciate the download and want to support an independent creator, be sure to let MGF know by throwing a couple of dollars their way. We know they’ll appreciate it!

Looking For More Free Retro Packs? Check out Synth Ctrl’s Free Nu-Disco Serum Presets and DMP Authority’s Free 8 Bit Sample Pack. Both of these packs provide you with tons of retro sounds and will give your music that classic 80s flair!

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