Free Rap Drum Samples | Sounds From The Streetz Drum Kit

Get 90 free rap drum samples inside this free drum kit from Beats 24-7. Includes rap kicks, snares, hi hats, and unique street sound samples.
Free Rap Drum Samples Sounds From The Streetz

About This Pack

If you make rap beats, you need to pick up these free rap drum samples from Beats 24-7. This drum kit provides you with 90 high-quality rap drums that will push your beats to a whole new level.

Inside this kit, you’ll find a wide selection of drums that were sourced from analog synths. You’ll also find a bonus Kontakt 5 drum library that makes these samples incredibly easy to use.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s inside:

  • 15 Rap Kicks
  • 15 Rap Snares
  • 15 Rap Hi-Hats
  • 15 Unique Percussion Samples
  • 34 Street Sounds Samples
  • A complete Kontakt 5 Drum Library with 91 .nki sounds

All of the files are provided as high-quality WAV files recorded in 44 kHz / 24-bit quality. And on top of that, everything in this kit is 100% royalty-free, so you can use these rap drums without worrying about a thing!

These samples work inside any DAW or major production software including FL Studio, Ableton, Pro Tools, Reason, Cubase, Logic, and more.

Download these free rap drum samples from Beats 24-7 by clicking the button below.

Looking For More Free Rap & Hip-Hop Packs? Check out Brandon Chapa’s Free Hi-Hat MIDI Pack “Warped” and AngelicVibes Free Trap Vocal Chop Sample Pack.

Both of these packs will expand your production library with high-quality sounds that work incredibly well with these rap drum samples.

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