Free Guitar Sample Pack For Emo Trap, Hip-Hop, and Lo-Fi

These free guitar samples are perfect for chill genres like Emo Trap, Hip-Hop, and Lo-fi. Download your free copy today!
Free Emo Trap Guitar Sample Pack

About This Pack

Download this free Emo Trap guitar sample pack by AngelicVibes and get a bunch of free guitar samples that were recorded live.

AngelicVibes even hired a professional guitarist to play and record a wide range of styles. So if you’re a producer who makes genres like Emo Trap, Hip Hop, or Lo-Fi, you’re going to love these unique, authentic guitar samples.

These guitar samples are very relaxed, chill, and perfect for producing Lo-Fi and Hip Hop tracks. If you’re looking for something a bit more energetic, check out Aubit’s free Illenium guitar samples.

Click the button below to download this free guitar sample pack from AngelicVibes.

Looking For More? Browse our entire collection of free guitar sample packs. We’ve got packs for a bunch of genres and styles, so be sure to take a look!

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